Youth Festival 2015

57th Punjab university

Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival

Zonal Youth & Festival was organized by Sant Baba Bagh Singh Memorial Girls College,Sukhanand(Moga) from 31st October to 2nd November 2015.On the first day the Chief guest was Dr.Naval Kishore,Dean,College Development Council,Panjab University Chandigarh,Dr.Nirmal Jaura,Director,Youth welfare,Panjab University,Chandigarh.Ms. Jyoti Bala Mattu SDM(Nihal Singh Wala) of this function various items were performed by Moga-Ferozepur Zone-B College i.e.Shabad/Bhajan,Indian Classical Vocal,Group singing Indian, Geet/Ghazal,Lok Geet, Folk Dance, Instumental Music, Art & Craft Items and Creative Writing & Quiz.

On the second day(1st November) The Chief Guests of this auspicious occasion were S. Sukhjinder Singh Brar, Ex-Principal Govt. Barijindra College, Faridkot and his wife Mrs.Baljinder Kaur on the day also various Items were performed by different college. The items were Kavishri, Vaar, Kali, Mimicary, Mime, Bhands, Drama and Various Folk Heritage Art.

The Chief Guest of third day was S. Sikander Singh Maluka (Rural Development & Panchayat Minister

Various items were performed by Moga-Ferozpur zone-B colleges i.e.Shabad/Bhajan,Indian classical vocal,Group singing,Geet ghazal,Lok Geet,folk dance,Art & Craft items and Creative Writing & Quiz.

Over all achievments Of Our college are appreciable As on 31-oct-2015,our college won 1st prizes in many compititions i.e.Essay writing,quiz,Rangoli,Phulkari,Shabad,Folk dance , 2nd prizes in items:Cross stitch,Knitting,mehndi,Ghazal,Folk song,Indian classical and 3rd prizes in Group singing.Meanwhile the individual prizes also come to our college in all above items i.e 1st in rangoli,group singing,phulkari etc,2nd in folk dance,Indian ,in Shabad .Photo gallery for the above items is as follow:

1st-nov 2015 the 2nd day of Zonal Youth festival was started with Warm welcome of Dr,Sukhjinder Singh Brar,Ex.Pricipal-Govt Barijindra college,Faridkot and his wife Mrs.Baljinder kaur.We also wlcome the judges arrived for judgement of all compititions.The items perfomed on various vanues are as :Paranda making,chukku making,tokri making,rasa vatna,khido making,innu making,guddian patole,mitti de khidone,Nala making etc.Mimicry,Mime,Bhands,one act Play,kavishari,Kali Gayan,Vaar gayan etc.

Competition and prize ceremony photos