Our Vision

The school aims at building human minds.It is determined to prepare young girls to accept the challenge of life open handedly .We believe in importing quality and value based education that not only develops their mind power but also inculcates the ideas of humanism ,modesty,chastity and spiritual values.e try to draw out the hidden potentialities in the students and help to ravitalize the spirit of nationality.

We are committed to eliminate the menace of tuition and coping culture.This institution is doing its utmost to keep our inheritance amd culture alive and to inculacate the qualties of head and heart in the students so that they can serve not only the motherland but theentire world.

On whole our school aims at equipping the students physically ,mentally,emotionally ,socially and spiritually to enable them to lead a wholesome life as an individual and also to find effective place in the the society as responsible members.